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Fort Phantom

Date: October 21, 2010       

Location: WildHorse Mountain Ranch, Rocky Mountain House, Alberta.

Investigators present:

William Baker - Founder & Lead Investigator

Karyn Baker - Investigator

Spectators present:

Bear & Diane Baker - Property Owners

Description of location:

Horse Ranch with "old west" Fort. This location is large, with many buildings to investigate.

Paranormal Experiences during Investigation:

Barn - We all experienced strange feelings in the loft. We felt weak, head aches, loss of balance and as if there was someone with us.

Main house - In the basement, I felt as if someone was next to me and received four class A E.V.P.'s that responded to my questions.

Guest house - In the upstairs bedroom there was a very confined feeling, as if being trapped in a small place.

Fort Phantom - Had a very peaceful feeling. We captures many interesting pictures.

Evidence collected




Karyn captured this picture of a bright orb, infront of the "Lost Cause Saloon".  The moon was in the other direction and there were no other light sources as the Fort has no power. Another picture taken a second later showed nothing abnormal.



A green misty figure in the window of cabin 3.



A purple mist in front of the "Lost Cause Saloon".




Karyn took this picture as we entered the "Lost Cause Saloon". There is a purple mist around Bear.



We had a wonderful time on this investigation. I feel that we have only scratched the surface of the possible evidence at WildHorse Mountain Ranch. Since our investigation paranormal activity has increased. There was even a full bodied apparition seen in the main house.




Investigation Schedule to be posted soon!