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Why do we let Hollywood shape our beliefs?

Posted by Exploring The Unexplained on October 26, 2010 at 12:20 AM

Why do we base our beliefs on what we see in the movies?

I think movies are the worst thing to ever happen to Ghosts and Cryptids. We watch movies that show Ghosts and Sasquatches as blood thirsty monsters that stalk people for the purpose of killing them in a horrific manner.

I have asked all my students in my Ghost Hunting course why they are so scared of ghosts, they all say the same thing:

"Because ghosts are scary".

I then ask them why ghosts are so scary, and they all respond:

"Because that is what they are like in the movies".

I do not fear ghosts. There is no reason to. I respect them as I do all humans, because that is how I see them. I see ghost as humans in another form. You have more reason to fear living humans, than you do the deceased ones. A ghost will not hurt or kill you for your money, property or because you looked at them the wrong way.

It is human nature to fear what we don't understand, but would it not be more wise to fear what we know is a real danger?

I think we could learn so much more about the unexplained, if we could master our fear. Imagine that you see a ghost standing right infront of you, instead of running or closing your eyes and praying that the apparition leaves you alone, you ask it questions and learn as much as you can. It could change everything we know ( or think we know ) about what happens to us after death.

I grew up fearing ghosts and the strange things they do. Some times I was terrified at the idea of dead people walking the halls of my childhood home, but now I get excited. The more I learn, the less I fear the strange things I see and hear. My passion for truth fuels my desire to conquer my fear and keeps me searching for answers.

I challenge everyone out there to throw away everything you have learned about in movies and learn from your own personal experiences, you may be surprised by how the things you use to fear now seem silly...

or maybe it's just me.

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1 Comment

Reply Barb
11:34 PM on November 18, 2010 
Yes I agree, I have always seen ghost, most times I can hear them and if they have a message for someone I do my best to give that message.