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How the Mass Media has turned Sasquatch into a myth.

Posted by Exploring The Unexplained on December 27, 2010 at 11:39 PM


There have been thousands of reported Sasquatch sightings over the last two hundred years and possibly thousands of unreported sightings as well. In most cases witnesses observed large footprints left behind by these bipedal animals. If you look at the anatomical characteristics and behaviour of the Sasquatch, there is NO denying that this magnificent creature is closely related to the Great apes of Africa and Asia.

I believe that Sasquatch does exist and is a North American Great Ape. The reason science has yet to classify Sasquatch as an extant animal, is because the mass media has turned it into a scientific taboo. Scientists are afraid to lose credibility and risk their careers by attaching their names to a subject considered to be "pseudoscience". This has lead to major setbacks in the scientific examination of evidence. There are very few labs willing to test DNA samples and fewer Scientists willing to examine trace evidence, such as cast footprints. This has made proving the existence of a Great Ape in North America very difficult. There is only a handful of Scientists who research this subject and at their own expense, with limited resources and at risk to their reputations. If there were more Scientists dedicated to the pursuit of the truth about the Sasquatch, classification might have come decades ago.

The Mass Media began publishing stories about encounter with unknown hairy man-like creatures back in the 1800's. Close-minded Newspaper Editors made Sasquatch out to be myth, impossible creatures, monsters and hallucinations of "hill folk" who drink too much home brew.

After his dealth in 2002 family members of Ray wallace, a road construction foreman, claimed that all the Sasquatch tracks found in the 1960's and 70's igniting the "bigfoot" controversy in the United States, were hoaxed by Wallace. They displayed carved wooden Sasquatch feet to the Media as proof of the hoax. The feet were crude impressions with square and rectangular toes. Those wooden feet were given as explanation for the dozens of tracks of different sizes found in remote areas and varying in detail, throughout the Pacific northwest. Even though this hoax story was more unbelievable than a Great Ape living in North America, the Media took it and ran with it.

The following are some of the headlines the Mass Media printed following the Wallace hoax claim:

Man credited with igniting Bigfoot legend dies at 84. (Salem, Oregon - Statesman)

Originator of Bigfoot hoax dies; family fesses up. (Oakland, California - Tribune)

Bigfoot: It's a hoax. (Sydney, Australia - Morning Herald)

Man who claims Bigfoot legend dies. (Associated press)

Footprints big but 42-year Bigfoot hoax even larger. (London telegraph and Vancouver B.C. sun)

Bigfoot joke took on life of it's own. (Toronto national post)


The reason that the Media has turned Sasquatch into a cultural phenomona and scientific taboo, is because like everyone, they have a problem believing in what is unknown to them. A few close-minded Editors spread their message of non-belief to thousands of impressional minds. People tend to believe in what ever the Media tells us to. Think of how different things would be if the Media would have portrayed the Sasquatch as a Great Ape of North America, as it should be!




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1 Comment

Reply Massy
7:17 AM on December 28, 2010 
History informs us of the power of the media. Hitlers 3rd Reich is probably the best recent example, how such an ADVANCED nation believed one man (a dictator) and thus their own supremacy over others. Geobbels the brilliant propaganist through his media manipulation was central to this, in 'shaping' the minds of others. This takes times and as the Nazi regime demonstrated, fabrication via 'believable' stories and events.
The power of the media should never be underestimated and it it those in such positions as authors/controllers who ultimately held the key; 'l will print what l want, often to be, what l believe (or even the perceived vast majority - do l want to appear a loony?)'..Research is indeed very limited and biased by such means of 'advertising'.

Proper research is valuated over time and is based on independent non corruptable material. This in entirely a separate matter from the media. Research should speak for itself, without doubt, so whoever decides to scribe about its subject has a ground basis to do so and based on consistency and accuracy of detail.
I think its the consistency that MAY be questionable in the case of the Sasquatch, where concrete evidence is difficult to prove, whether it be from a scientific aspect or physical. The infrequency, the remoteness of sightings, the lack possibly of concrete evidence at the time of sightings (didn't have my camera on me at that moment!) may sway readers as to the doubt.
However, the fact that reports have been in circulation for many years now on this subject, from wide afield and the interest it has gleamed from some scientists/researchers, make this subject certainly plausible and worthy of credible investigation.
However, whilst the media moguls harbour their closed mind attiudes to something different being 'not possibe', unfortunately due to their vast reach and manipulative perception/shaping of public attitude, this is always going to be a difficult subject to be taken seriously on the whole.

All we can do as interested researchers and believers, is continue our quest to raise enough plausible evidence from our own portfolio, collate it with other believers (thus listeners) and consolidate ONE file based on irreputable factuality as a tool to be presented to one or two of those scientists to whom the subject is plausible (or potentially). Armed with this, and probably only with this, there a chance the media moguls (thus the public) may take the subject more seriously and start the education process of enlightenment based on irreputable proof as verified by science based on collective evidence.

A good starting point would be to set up or coordinate such a group to compile the evidence into ONE document based on actual fact, not heresay.
A simple digitial camera today to sight the proof would be an inexpensive way to start the process, but off course, not at the expense of all the empirical date gathered to date.

Food for thought?